What to Expect on Your First Day of Driving Lessons?

You are one nervous gal for your upcoming driving lesson, otherwise, you would not be reading this article. Being nervous for your first day of driving lessons is totally normal and you need not be shy about it. It is something that you might have not done before and the nerves are there to keep your adrenaline going.  

At this point, you might have considered a driving school already that is as good as Tulsa Driving Schoolbut what is important is your dedication to learn how to drive. No matter how many hours and dollars you try to spend in driving lessons, you will not be able to learn if you are not dedicated enough to pursue this in order to get your driver’s license.  

To help you with your nerves, here are some of the things that you should expect in your first lesson in driving school: 

Prepare your provisional license.  

The provisional license is made to allow you to drive with the help of an instructor from Oklahoma Driving School or a professional. This will be asked from you by your driving instructor which is very important for you to continue to the next parts of your course. Do not let your nervousness sink you down and never forget your provisional license since this is very important because you will not be allowed to be behind the wheel if you do not have this piece of paper. This will only be asked from you for your first time. 

  Finding Some Place Safe 

It is very important for you to practice in a place that is safe and away from a very busy road. If you happen to be living in a street where there will be a lot of vehicles, then the driving instructor from Driving School Tulsa will drive you to a safer place where you can start your driving lessons. At this point, you will not be able to drive the car to the safe place because the driving instructor will do it for you.  

First Driving Drill 

In this part, you will be taught how to do the drill of checking the important parts of the car just like your mirrors, your seat and what not. Your instructor will be teaching how to setup your car before driving it which is also an essential part of driving. 

Basic Driving Preparation 

This part of the lesson will get you even more nervous but don’t worry, it will be okay. The designated driving instructor will let you operate the car with basic moves. He will teach you the location of essential parts of the vehicle, like your brakes, your clutch, accelerator and the like. Your instructor will also teach you the proper gripping of the steering wheel as well as the car controls like signal lights, wipers and the like.  

Driving for the First Time 

You will be driving the car. Your driving lesson will never be complete without you being able to maneuver the vehicle. You will be asked to drive in a quiet and safe place where your recommended speed would be at 30-50mph. Even if this is not what you have in mind, it will be very satisfying.  

In no time, your first driving lesson will be over and it is time for you to brag to your friends about your very exhilarating experience in driving.  

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